UK Mobile Business Lite
  • FREE Setup
  • 500 Minutes
  • Own PBX Required
  • 5p Per Minute
UK Mobile Business Regular
  • FREE Setup
  • 1000 Minutes
  • Own PBX Required
  • 4.5p Per Minute
UK Mobile Business Frequent
  • FREE Setup
  • 2000 Minutes
  • Own PBX Required
  • 4p Per Minute
UK Mobile Business Ultimate
  • FREE Setup
  • 5000 Minutes
  • Own PBX Required
  • 3p Per Minute
UK Mobile Business Packages Information

Our Mobile Business packages are now live and give you the ability to obtain significant savings on your UK mobile VOIP costs to the major UK providers.

To utilize our service you will need to configure your PBX with a failover route, we will provide video tutorials and instructions for both Asterisk/FreePBX and FusionPBX/Freeswitch installations.

Alternatively, if you do not have a PBX, as long as you have a hardphone/softphone with more than one line, you can set up a second line to your Mobile Business package account.

Please note, this is a rolling, 'use it or lose it' package. The minutes do expire a month after you purchase.

Though there is no connection fee, calls are billed in 20 second increments so there will be a minimum 20 second call charge.

Do not make the mistake of thinking these deals are too cheap. In most cases we are using the very same carriers as our competitors. We only use the highest quality tier of traffic that we are able to buy. We support full CLI and as long as you can present evidence that you have the right to use the CLI, eg screenshot or a scanned copy of a bill, we can present whatever CLI you choose.

Try it for a tenner!

We understand that you may like to test our service before you commit to the monthly package so as a 'one-off' we are offering a try it for tenner package that will give you 300 minutes to test with.

For the prevention of fraud, payment for these packages will only be accepted via Bank Transfer.

UK Mobile Package Comparison

Mobile Package Charges



(500 Mins)


(1000 Mins)


(2000 Mins)


(5000 Mins)

DirectVoip Solutions £24.99 £44.99 £79.99 £149.99
VoIPtalk £44.99 £84.99 £159.99 £379.99
Prices correct as of 05/11/2013. All prices exclude VAT.

VoIPtalk packages are billed per minute so three 10 second calls cost you three minutes of your package. DirectVoip packages are billed per 20 seconds so the same three 10 second calls would cost you just one minute of your package.