Free SIP Trunk

Free Sip Trunk

With a Direct Voip Free SIP Trunk you are free to start calling without limits.

Simply order a trunk from us, top-up with some credit and you can start calling straight away.

We do not impose any outbound calling limits so you will be able to make as many simultaneous calls as your internet connection will support.

Just to clarify, whether you make one simultaneous call or one thousand, the price is the same: FREE.

The only charge is an initial £4.99 setup fee plus your call costs.

Anyone with IP telephony equipment can take advantage of this service, it even works with softphones too.

We can set any caller ID on your trunk as long us you can provide proof of ownership of the number(s).

Please note: If you have ordered or intend to order, our Hosted PBX service, then you do NOT need to order a sip trunk, this is already included in the price.

If you are ordering a SIP Trunk please remember to add to you basket either calling credit, a geographical number or both depending on how you plan on using the SIP Trunk

  • Unlimited simultaneous calls
  • Online call logs
  • Fast setup
  • Excellent call quality
  • Support for G711a, G711u and G729 codecs
  • Custom caller ID support
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