Business Email

We now offer business email services too.

For just £2 per month, per mailbox, you can enjoy the following features as standard:

  • Same excellent service level as VOIP.
  • Large 10GB storage per mailbox.
  • Free aliases and redirects.
  • Access from anywhere.
  • Supports multiple devices eg iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
  • Full syncronization of contacts calendar, email. eg delete an email from your phone and it will also delete it from your desktop PC.
  • Data security you can rely on. All emails are actually stored on at least four disks across two servers for High Availability.
  • Storage can be aggregated within an organisation. For example a company with 10 users has a total storage space of 100GB. This space can be split between your 10 mailboxes in any way you wish.
  • Additional storage available at £2 per 10GB.
  • Only £2 per month per mailbox plus a one off domain registration charge and ongoing domain renewal fee. Minimal domain registration for a is two years for £5.98
  • As an example 10 users with email addresses would be £20 per month plus a one off fee of £5.98, renewable after two years. The domain is registered to you and is yours to move to another provider should you ever wish to do so.
  • If you already have your own domain we can still accommodate you, just have a word with our support team.

Please note: this service is a value added service available to new and existing clients and is currently NOT available to be ordered alone.

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